our church staff

  • PASTOR - Seth L. leypoldt

    Seth grew up in a "pastoral family." "My father's a pastor; my grandfather was a pastor," says Seth. A 3rd-Generation pastor, Seth, has served in numerous communities in Nebraska. In 2012, his family moved to Gering, and three years later Seth was appointed to the Gering church. It has been a joy to serve a church that his family joined just a few years prior. Seth is married to Scottsbluff native, Sarah, a licensed mental health counselor. Together they have three daughters: Elizabeth, a Graduate Student, at American University in Washington DC; Cora, a college student in Lincoln; and Olivia, a senior at Gering High. Seth can be reached at sleypoldt@greatplainsumc.org.

  • SECRETARY - Lois Robbins

    Lois was raised in the First United Methodist Church of Upland, California.  She has strong ties to the Gering United Methodist Church in that her Great Grandfather was an early Pastor of this church.  His picture is hanging in our history section in our newly renovated basement.  Her Grandparents, Orin and Amy Moore, attended this church where they raised their three children, twins Donald and Evelyn and younger son Francis.  Evelyn moved to California, married and had two children.  She wanted her daughter Lois baptized in her home church in Gering.  After retiring in California, Lois moved to Gering where she is thrilled to be working in her mother’s home church.

  • DIRECTOR OF MUSIC - Lindsey Ferguson

    Lindsey is a life-long member of the Gering United Methodist Church.  Growing up in the community with numerous supporters of her passion for music has always been inspirational.  At a young age, the piano was her first choice to begin her journey.  As the years passed, Lindsey also grew fond of the flute, piccolo, and handbells.   Later in life, Lindsey continued with her passion and accepted the Director of Music position with the church in 2015.  Along with music, Lindsey enjoys spending time with her husband Brian and their two children Sheridan and Dillon.  Brian is a Civil Engineering inspector with M.C. Shaff & Associates and both Sheridan and Dillon enjoy school at Scottsbluff Public Schools.  Lindsey can be reached at lindseyferguson@outlook.com.


    Biography coming soon.


    Biography coming soon.