Our Lenten lesson will follow a Bible study written by the Rev. John Ortberg on the man, Jesus. Each lesson on Sunday morning and through our study will examine this question: Who is this Man? When we reach Easter, I believe, we will know the answer.


future sermon series


    We are in the middle of a pandemic and we do not know when it will end. Does this sound like the journey of the Hebrew people leaving Egypt? Their journey lasted 40 years; and yes, they complained about it; and yes, they didn't know when it would end. Our series will be zoomed and then be available for viewing. We will reach the Promised Land once the pandemic is over.

  • teachings of the church

    Have you ever heard of "the Ascension", "Pentecost", and/or "The Trinity"? These are all teachings of the church; and not the easiest to understand. We'll spend a few weeks looking at some of the important doctrines of the Christian faith.